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14th Korean Music Awards,
The album <Shofar> was nominated The Best Rock Album and Album of the Year.

Official Music Video 'High and Low'

Official Music Video 'Giant'

Official Music Video 'Lover'


released April 19, 2016

Danpyunsun & the Sailors - Shofar

All songs and lyrics were Written by
(Track 6 <Ground> was composed by Danpyunsun and the Sailors)

All songs were Arranged by
Danpyunsun and the Sailors

Jang Soohyun

Electric Bass
Choi Wooyoung

Jang Dohyuk

Vocal · Folk Guitar · Glockenspiel

Vocal Featuring
Kim Sawol
Kwak Pureunhaneul

Danpyunsun and the Sailors
Choi Jeonghoon (Audioguy)


Recording Engineer
Choi Jeonghoon (Audioguy)
Lee Seunghwan (KT&G SangsangMadang Chuncheon Live Studio)

Mixing Engineer
Choi Jeonghoon (Audioguy)

Mastering Engineer
Yi Jaesoo
(Sonority Mastering Studio)

Assistant Engineer
Choi Jeong-eun (Audioguy)
Lim Kangwoo (Audioguy)
Ahn Hyeram (Audioguy)

Kang Seunghee (Sonic Korea Mastering Studio)
Kang Jinwon
Kim Sawol
Kim Jiho
Kim Haewon
Ryu Jun (Pavlov)
Park Eunran
Park Innn (Cranfield · Sorimuseum)
Godfather Tiger
Oh Doharm (Pavlov)
Won Dahee
Jang Soohyun
Choi Wooyoung
Han Jung-in (Cosmos Superstar)
Hur2u (Dead Gakkahs)

Vocal Director
Kang Jinwon

Recording Studio
KT&G SangsangMadang
Chuncheon Live Studio

Visual Director


Video Director (Lover)

Video Director (High and Low)
Swan Park

Park Jung-geun (Studio Jokwang)

Lee Taeyoung

Kang Jinwon



all rights reserved


Danpyunsun and the Sailors Seoul, South Korea

The truely powerful yet sorrowful
- the music evolves into iron and wood, Danpyunsun and the Sailors

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Track Name: Appearance 발생

All around me writhe
Time is long and thin
It is certainly a human,
who is the most distant from humans

Birds warble endlessly
While summer is blazing away
Humans are replaced endlessly
from the most distant from humans

We come here everyday
I remember nothing
We reproduce everyday
I love nothing

We come here everyday
I remember nothing
We reproduce everyday

I’m the result
which can’t love anything

I am sitting in an empty market street
and start singing
with whimpering voice

Stop talking shit

I am singing a song
It’s your voice
for the humans who are not humans

The moon the moon the moon which appears round like a tray
Track Name: Shofar 뿔

In the bruised forest,
the most sacred place of your mother,
your stag beetle
drapes white cloth
and crawls up an old tree
It goes far away,
too far away to come back
as if it washed away
by the nowhere sea

How far have you come?
Have you seen anybody?
How far have you come?
This is the world you wanted

How far have you come?
Have you seen anybody?
How far have you come?
This is the world you wanted

This is the world you hoped for
This is the world you wanted
These are the words you hoped for

You stop hiding by ones and twos
And openly reveal your thinking,
laughing loudly

You are a childhood with tongue hanging out
It was the first lie you told
You are a child with Pluto’s blood on you
It’s the end of the eternal sounding of the shofar
Track Name: High and Low 모든 곳에
High and Low

No not the night of the words which is neither the words nor the night
No, such frightening night can’t come, it can’t come,
Neither you nor me, everything that cannot come inside of me
No it’s neither a pig nor a crying water, these are not the words of water

Ruminating, Douchebag
My bound hand and foot, decision, consequentially
inappropriateness, misdeeds, irrationality, unhappy and getting old
A soft hand

When you’re in everywhere

In a flower garden
I’m the guy laughing at you
Cut the tongue
A dog with nine eyes

We are aliens
The fires of the hell are glowing from a distance
Your mother’s factory is not guilty
I feel like I can reach to it

High and Low

The man with cold eyes
When it spreads slowly
The most precious and noblest man
takes off his clothes
And holds his breathe,
putting his head inside water

The world in which everything is in its place
Track Name: Giant 거인 (feat. Kwak Pureunhaneul)

Your eyes were so deep
that I recorded every breakups in the world
in your eyes

But nobody was with you
when you felt lonely and cry

Your back was so broad
That it became a base
for all children in the world

But none of them
who grew up and left you
could ever remember your name

When I lean on you
When I cling to you
When I’m in your arms
When I stroke

The time when I lie on you
When I sink into you
When you got me
And when I got you

And when I got you
Track Name: Lover 연애 (feat. Kim Sawol)

When I pay overdue taxes and go back home
When I go to a hospital for my cough medicine
When I wash rice with cold water
When I see a flock of birds flies through the window

I’m thinking about you
I miss you
Everyday I feel this way

It would be fun
We sink into each other before we know
We can’t stand
this boring society
and our boring everyday lives
Jump into the air,
as we can’t stop
We are the safest in the world
if we’re living in this way
Track Name: Daytime 낮

The red sun glows through the leaves
My organs are scattered on the ground
I lie down with my eyes wide open
The death, which exists with its own order,
comes to me

And I hear the tinkle of a bell
From somewhere

I became a child
I’m good at greetings
I clap my hands
I grow two spans
I’m slapped in the face
My arms are broken
My underwear gets wet
I become to know the feeling of futility
I read a newspaper
I smoke cigarettes
I become to love somebody
I break up
I get a baby
I make a breakfast
I became to live a life

Track Name: And When 그리고 언제쯤
And When

And when can I
understand the mood of wind
Every day, I’m slowly dried
standing on the high hill

Ah the anxiety
Would I rather be broken?
‘Cause I see no further than my own nose
and I fear sunshine

And when can I
understand how the world goes
Every day, I’m slowly melting down
inside the deep dark water

Ah the shame
Would I rather deny these feelings?
My breathe go short
And I’m endlessly falling

In midwinter,
with the ashes of animals and plants scattered,
A group of boys came from the future
walks across the silver sandy beach

There is a bird
romping around
There is the sun
greeting me

I’m invited
by a strange and mysterious space

And I pass
A system
A century
A history
A life

The mom and the child hold hands
The dad and the child hold hands
The grandma and the child hold hands
The grandpa and the child hold hands

All together

All along
Track Name: Fire 불

There was a dream that bloody fire came around me from all directions
There was a dream that my body turned into ashes and scattered into the air
Then I wake up
soaked with sweat

Our lives bloom like a flower
And disappear like a morning dew
Here is our future
Our love

I open my eyes and see a white light reflected by water
In the sky there is a rainbow but I don’t know where it came from
Wind blows from afar and a bunch of monkeys runs away

Ah at that time fires spread around me
I go into the fire as if I’m possessed

Everything proves
that the winter is coming
We’re hugging each other

Everything proves
that the long night is coming
We’re seeing the darkness coming to us slowly

The fire that converges to infinity
The night that converges to infinity
The day that converge to infinity

The eternal flame
Track Name: The Strange Throat 이상한 목
Strange Throat

Once there was a person with a strange throat
The Strange Throat could always change his own voice freely
As the person was always wearing a mask
No one could know if the Strange Throat was a man or a woman

Whenever the Strange Throat met a person that the Strange Throat didn’t like
The Strange Throat took his voice away and made him a mute
Everyone knew that there was a poor guy whose tongue was pulled out by the Strange Throat
After he exaggerated that he had seen the Strange Throat in a bawdyhouse

But except those kinds of moments, the Strange Throat was always kind to others
The Strange Throat said, sometimes with a soft voice
Sometimes with a sweet voice

No one trusted the Strange Throat
But everybody loved the Strange Throat’s kindness

The strange throat

One day, a bunch of thieves attacked the town
They burnt the town and took away everything
People were crying while waiting for the Strange Throat
But the Strange Throat didn’t show up

After the thieves burnt down every field of the town and left,
Appeared the Strange Throat in front of the people
The Strange Throat gathered people in tears and sang a song
As the Strange Throat sang like an angel, everyone stopped crying

And they danced like crazy
But there was one man who couldn’t accept the situation
Nobody knew what he was thinking, but the man brought a knife from the kitchen
And he stabbed the strange throat behind its back

But the Strange Throat didn’t care
People still danced and the Strange Throat still sang
The angry man tried to grab by the scuff of its neck
But he only could grasp at the air

The Strange Throat

Fields that are burning down
People on fire
The man on fire
And the Strange throat hanging in the air

The Strange Throat